Exclusive Figurines

Sculpted and Painted by Richard Kapuaala

Mai kou lima aku komo oukou maka.

From my hands to your eyes.

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Custom Painted Ed
This 1:8 scale driver comes complete with hat.
$650 a piece

Custom Painted BFD
This Special Order seated BF Dillingham is 1:20.32 scale and fits comfortably on a seat 3/4 of inch high.
$350 a piece

Prince Kuhio
Prince Kuhio the surfer. This 1:12th figure is the second in my line of exclusive figures. It will only be available in custom paint with a solid hand shaped koa board. The board is 8 inches tall while the figure is 6 inches.
$350 a piece

This 1:6 scale bust of Princess Kaiulani comes complete with a koa stand and a brass mounting tube and brass escutcheon turned and polished by the sculptor, me. I will custom paint 5 of 30 castings with meticulous detail. I have already painted 2 of these castings and plan on painting only 3 more. One has gone to my son who works at the Bishop Museum, another I will keep and the other 3 will be for sale only from this site. That will leave only 25 castings that will be available on this site under the 1:6TH scale catalog. I will cast no more after these are finished.
$1750 a piece

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All these scale people are hand painted with the greatest of care by me. I paint these figures in much the same way I sculpt them, with attention to detail and disregard for time. My primary passion is the Hawaiian Royalty, specifically the house of Kalakaua, but my interests are diverse and from time to time you will see other ethnicities some of which have a direct link to the Hawaiian Monarchy others who do not. Each figure means something to me on a personal level. I do not sculpt a subject without an affinity for it.

T H I S   S I T E   C R E A T E D   by Richard Kapuaala © 2011